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Chris Hobbs gets his Rematch! Speaks to Boxing Britain

Chris Hobbs has got the fight he’s wanted, when he takes on Sam Couzens again after the last fight was considered a draw. The Ex British Soldier is undefeated and Couzens was considered a big step up in class. However he proved more than capable of mixing it at this level as many believed he won the fight.

We asked Hobbs how he felt about the last fight – “I was disappointed in the decision last fight. I believed I won, even after watching it back I still believe I won it. ” said a frustrated Hobbs. “I felt I lost a round, maybe drew a round but I thought I won it and won the last 2 rounds clearly. If I had another round then I reckon I would have got the stoppage. But it was a close fight and the crowd enjoyed it.”

We went on to ask him what he will change in the next fight?

“This time round I will start quicker and have a slight adjustment in tactics. A few of our tactic were right (on the night) and some were wrong. I need to have a faster start and continue where I left off in the last fight. I know what he brings to the table, there will be no surprises. I can’t wait to get back In there.”

Hobbs is clearly eager to put the record straight in December!

Hopefully Boxing Britain will be at the event!



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