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This weekend is not all about the Box Office shows! Ross Burkinshaw




This weekend there are two big shows on that everyone is talking about (Rule Britannia and Khan vs Algeriai), but there is also another British fighter, that is boxing in a WBO Bantamweight title eliminator at the Magna centre in Rotheram. The boxer in question is former soldier Ross ‘The Boss’ Burkinshaw (trained by Ryan Rhodes).


Ross is a solid fighter, winning a host of domestic (British and English titles at two weights), European and will box for the WBO intercontinental title, which will be used also as an eliminator for world honours. It has been said that Ross is not the most technical of boxers and in my opinion is very flat footed and tends to gets drawn into a fight and (for me) boxes to much on the inside. For a guy who doesn’t strike me as being a big puncher, this can be a dangerous way to fight, but he’s very entertaining to watch and you can’t knock his desire. He is a very tough guy and it is evident that his tools are being sharpened fight by fight. He is know being trained by the “Spice Boy” (who can box) and hopefully he can help Ross’s already established game and make him a more schooled fighter.



His opponent this weekend is Klaas Mboyane. Know as the ‘Iron Man’, this is all that’s really known (by me) about this guy. He has never boxed outside of South Africa before, but has a very similar record to Ross, southpaw and a come forward fighter. The type of styles that both boxers have, should make for a very interesting fight.



What I always say to boxing fans, is don’t forget the small hall shows. It’s very easy to get drawn in to the bright lights of the big shows, but the small hall shows are the backbone of the sport and this is where all the big stars make their name. Don’t forget them and show your support.


Stewart J Lawrence

stewart lawrence
Former amateur boxer (Royal Navy), who is a huge boxing fan! Always has an opinion and something to say on the sweet science that is boxing.


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